[Album] KOTOKO – tears cyclone -Sei- (8th Album) [MP3/320K/ZIP] - Wkwknime OST
[Album] KOTOKO – tears cyclone -Sei- (8th Album) [MP3/320K/ZIP]

[Album] KOTOKO – tears cyclone -Sei- (8th Album) [MP3/320K/ZIP]

Download [Album] KOTOKO – tears cyclone -Sei- (8th Album)
Artist : KOTOKO
Catagory : Album
Date : 2019.06.26
[MP3/320K/ZIP] 132MB

Album : tears cyclone -Sei- (8th Album)
KOTOKO – tears cyclone -Sei- tears cyclone -醒- / KOTOKO

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[Album] KOTOKO – tears cyclone -Sei- (8th Album)

Second album release commemorating KOTOKO’s 15th anniversary, “tears cyclone – Sei -“

M-06 – TV Anime “Onegai☆Twins” Ending Theme Cover


01 醒-metallic tears-
02 水無月の恋~mimetic memory~
03 Thank you Birthday!!
04 scale〜変ホ短調のラブレター〜 
05 不機嫌な人魚
06 明日への涙 – timeless tear mix –
07 Bug
08 ・HACHI・=Flunky puppy “Eight”
09 トビウオ
10 azure blue〜天色の架空線〜
11 ナミダノエノグ
12 オパール

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